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Mary Chalhoub is a Mom, Wife, Online Personal Development Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Worship Leader, Author, and Health Professional. She loves helping others ignite their passion, find their voice, and live their dreams. Her desire is for people to know God’s love and to expand His Kingdom on earth through their gifts and talents.

Over the years while working in her profession as a registered Pharmacist, Mary became concerned over the number of people who are prescription drug dependent. After being diagnosed with depression herself, she desired to find an alternative to medication to overcome this disease. She began pursuing a lifestyle of wholeness in body, soul, and spirit. As a result, she discovered her passion for life, music, art, fitness, food, health and all things creative. The healing she has gained in her own life, she now imparts to others through her local ministry, online courses, and books.

Because of her love for God and people, Mary took time away from her career in 2005 to attend a school of ministry in Toronto, Canada. This led to opportunities where she served as a Worship Leader, Youth Pastor, and Missionary.  She desires for people to know the love of God and to expand the Kingdom of God on earth through their gifts and talents.

In 2009, she married Gus, the love of her life, and together they joyfully raise their 3 children. Overcoming their own personal obstacles in life, they encourage others to achieve their God given dreams. They have learned it’s never too late!

Mary invites you to join them on the journey.

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