4 Simple Steps to Take Your Life Where You Want to Go!

by Mary Chalhoub on August 11, 2017


Do you have big dreams, but do not know how to achieve them?

Instead of piloting our own lives, many of us are passengers. A passenger goes places, but they are coasting through life as other people and circumstances determine where they end up.

Ask yourself, “Are you the pilot or the passenger in your life?” When you are a passenger, you coast through life making short term goals, then as you get older, you wonder what went wrong. Maybe your health is failing, your marriage broken, your career stalled, or your relationship with God is unfulfilling? If so, you may have what is called passenger syndrome.

No matter what, you can still take control if you apply these 4 steps:

  1. Big dreams are not enough to make them happen. We need actionable plans. Set your course for your health, job, business, marriage, and spirituality.
  2. Align your thoughts words and actions to reflect your goals. Once you have a plan, take action!
  3. Every day is an opportunity to move toward your desired destination. Stay focused. If you drift in your thoughts and actions, take some time to reflect then evaluate, re-adjust and revise your plans.
  4. Prepare for resistance. Initial enthusiasm wears off. Find the courage to follow your intuition even when opposition challenges you. Take a stand for greatness!

A mediocre life is easy and full of regret. If you let circumstances and other people dictate your course, you will remain a passenger. Take control and be the pilot of your life. It’s not going to be easy, but it will be rewarding!

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