Three Ways to Find Clarity So That You Can Get Closer to Your Goals

by Mary Chalhoub on August 4, 2017

Most people have a dream or goal that they want to achieve. When you have too many options, your vision can get hazy. Without clarity, it’s easy to get distracted and pulled in several directions.

Here are three tips to help you find more clarity:

  1. Be clear on what’s important to YOU!  When there is conflict within you, you may find yourself taking two steps forward then three steps back. The conflict may be fear or a mindset, or maybe you are not willing to sacrifice what is needed to make that dream or goal to come true. Here are some examples: You want to lose 10 pounds, but you are not willing to give up chocolate cake; you want a successful business which requires lots of time investment, but you won’t give up your time-consuming hobbies. You may want a family, but you don’t want the responsibility that comes with it. Are you willing to get a little uncomfortable to make it happen?
  2. Find a mentor or accountability partner.When you have someone tracking your progress and helping you along the way, you will get to your goals faster. There is exponential power when two people come together and work towards a goal.
  3. Pay attention to your Dreams. They can reveal the direction you need to take, they warn you from situations that may be harmful to you, and they unlock secrets to help you achieve your destiny.

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