You Are NOT Forgotten!

by Mary Chalhoub on October 24, 2013

Hi friends! I want to share something that I felt God was speaking to me last night. I believe this message will encourage many of you!

God sees your heart and your willingness to do what is right. You are meant to run and to soar with Him. It is God who promotes, so do not measure yourself against another. Everything eventually comes to the Light. Therefore if you are chasing after God and pursuing His ways, He will promote you in His timing. There are times when we have to go through the journey alone with God and other times He brings reinforcements to help take us further.  During the times that you feel alone, He has not forgotten you! Stay committed to the goal even when it is difficult and He will honor you! 

running with god

Last night I went for my usual run with the Run Club.  Last week, the instructor mentioned that we would start an hour earlier than usual since the sun sets earlier this time of year. Unfortunately, I was a few minutes late for the new time and noticed that no one was around. I thought, “How could they leave without me? They knew that I was coming and they usually wait a little while to make sure no one is left behind.”

Feeling forgotten, I began to talk myself out of running. I suddenly felt discouraged. I did’t even know why I was feeling this way. I’ve run before on my own many times, but somehow I felt let down by my piers. I even considered skipping the run this time, although I had made a commitment to run regularly to prepare for the January race. These thoughts were taking me down. Immediately when I realized it, I stopped the trail of negativity before it went any further!

I was determined to run regardless of how I felt at the moment. Support or no support, I decided to achieve what God has placed on my heart no matter what!

I ran and I ran and I ran, hoping to somehow catch up to the rest. In fact, I pushed myself to run faster than I normally do with the group.

After running a few miles, it was getting dark so I began to head back. I then heard my name called from the other side of the trail. It was one of my friends from the Run Club. A group of them had just started. Somehow I misunderstood that there were two start times, an earlier and a later one. My friends happened to go on the later one. As I was finishing up my run, they persuaded me to continue on and join them on their run. Surprisingly, I ended up running faster and further than I had ever gone before!


What’s to be learned from this story?

1. Sometimes, when you think you are behind, you are actually ahead. Don’t measure according to what you perceive!

2. When you feel that no one is supporting you, keep going with God. Do not give up!

3. God wants us to encourage and help each other. There are seasons when people come into our lives to encourage, support, and work with you as a team.  During these times, we achieve more together. There are also times of testing to see if you will stay committed to the goal when no one is supporting you. Whether you are supported by other people or not, always depend on God!

4. God uses everything (even our misunderstandings) to propel us even further than we think we can go. Trust God to take you to the next level!

Now is a good time to ask God for a specific goal for 2014.  Write it down, plan for it, then stick to it.  There will be times when people are helping you and cheering you on; there will be times when you feel alone; and there will be times when you want to give up. At all times, depend on God to get you through! You may even end up further than you expected!

With Love,

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