Lucy’s Story: Let Go and Let God!

by Mary Chalhoub on September 17, 2013


It was a busy summer afternoon in 2012 when I noticed that my dog, Lucy, was missing from the back yard. This had become a frequent occurrence since she had learned how to escape her little body through the wrought iron fence. Usually, I would receive a call from a neighbor who would find her playing in their yard. Other times, I would look for her and find her near the neighborhood pond, barking at ducks or chasing other dogs in the area. She would never wander far.

It was very hot outside. We were late for a party and the kids were already loaded in the car.  I had no choice but to leave, trusting that I would receive a call from one of my neighbors shortly, and since we would only be a few miles away, I could easily come home to let her back in. Thankfully, Lucy had her tags on.

One hour passed, no call. Two hours passed, no call. Three hours, the same thing. Staying hopeful, I anticipated that she would be waiting for us at our front door when we returned  home.

That wasn’t the case! Lucy wasn’t anywhere near the house. My heart began to sink!

The next morning I searched the entire neighborhood and the surrounding area. Still no sign of Lucy. By the afternoon, I was printing signs and posting them everywhere. I visited all the neighboring veterinarians, called the local pounds, and posted an article in the local newspapers. I did just about everything I could in my power to try to find Lucy and bring her back home.

Day three, I thought maybe she was dead. My imagination ran wild thinking, “Was she run over by a car or eaten by a wild animal?”

Day four, everyone told me to forget about Lucy, but I somehow felt that I shouldn’t lose hope. I believed that God gave me this dog several years ago during a very significant time in my life, therefore I felt it was an injustice that she was taken away from me. I was determined to fight for her return home.

NINE entire days passed since Lucy went missing. On that particular day, I gave up my fight. While looking out into my empty back yard, I released Lucy to God and said, “goodbye.” I needed to move on with my life, and I felt I had no other choice but to let Lucy go.

Something amazing happened exactly one hour after I completely let her go! I received a phone call from a man who found Lucy 60 miles away from home! I couldn’t believe it!

Immediately, I left to bring her home.

When I arrived, I could hardly recognize Lucy. She was skinny, beat up, and too weak to even wag her tail; I was so thankful that she was found and she was alive!

Whether you are an animal lover or not, there is a valuable lesson to be learned in Lucy’s story: LET GO AND LET GOD! 

When things go wrong, we tend to worry and try to control the situation by doing everything in our power to make things right. God maybe testing if we will trust Him, especially when the situation looks impossible. When I finally released my dog to God, then He was able to take over.

Let go, let God

We should TRUST GOD in all things, THANKING HIM for His answer. When He takes over, MIRACLES happen, and He receives all the glory!

I will never know what happened to Lucy during those nine days of her life or how she ended up so far away. The good news is that she recovered quickly and she has not attempted to run out of the backyard since.

I guess you can say both Lucy and I learned a valuable lesson!

With Love,

mary chalhoub

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