Here Comes A Roar!

by Mary Chalhoub on January 2, 2014


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I usually spend some time every December in prayer seeking a Word from God for the next year.  Before I share the Word for 2014, I’d like to tell you a little about Kingdom Roar International, Inc.

I was actually given a vision for this company over ten years ago, but I didn’t get a release to move forward until beginning of this year. I believe God’s timing is perfect. We will officially be incorporated early this month and our plan is to release various resources that will help you overcome the barriers that keep you from moving forward and fulfilling your purpose in life.

We are created with unique gifts and talents. We also each have a different look, style, genetic makeup, and sound. Pier pressure in this world causes us to conform to what society considers normal, therefore many of us end up pleasing others because of we do not choose to embrace and love our own unique qualities. It is human nature to want to be accepted, but the problem comes when we find acceptance in people rather than our creator. Acceptance in God frees us to become and  love who He created us to be,  When we discover that He accepts us, there is no need to compete with each another because not one of us are alike. We glorify God when we are comfortable with our true selves, and that’s when we reflect His beauty!

Why the name Kingdom Roar?

The roar represents taking a bold stand and using your voice, sharing our gifts and talents with others to establish the Kingdom of God here on earth. Your voice may be in the form of a song, a dance, a presentation, a teaching, or a message.

When we follow the voice of God, we can overcome all that hinders. He wants us to trust His plan for our lives. He has a unique call on our life and He has given us talents to share. The enemy, on the other hand, wants to shut our voice down and he wants us to bury our talents. If we can’t be heard, then we can’t impact others for the Kingdom. We need to take a bold stand by using our voice, sharing our gifts, so that others will also hear His voice through us.

Kingdom Roar International, Inc. is evolving as God leads and guides us every step of the way. We hope to implement mentorship programs with topics such as breaking strongholds of the past, healing of the heart, dream interpretation, prophetic worship through music and art. We will keep you updated on what’s to come!

Prophetic Word for 2014:

I believe 2014 is the year of open doors. Those doors that have been shut for a long time will be open in 2014. God is saying now is the time for the promises and prophetic words spoken over you to come to pass. Some of those words you have given up on or even forgotten because it has been so long in the waiting. The keys to open them will be given to you. Suddenly things that you were laboring at will become easier.  There will be a grace where you can suddenly do things easily and in less time than before.  I believe for some of you a position will be offered to you that you have worked hard at trying to get for years. I see a dramatic change taking place in relationships where you thought, It will always be like this. Get ready for the suddenly!

I also believe for many of you that increase is coming; increase in position, increase in finances, increase in favor, increase in joy, increase in healing, and increase in your giftings. You may find yourself in a position where you have to take a risk, and you may ask, “How can I do this?  How can I leave what is comfortable and trust that God will take care of all my needs?”  Trust God when the opportunity comes as He leads you into unchartered territory. He will bless you for your act of obedience.

Where there has been strife, division, confusion, arguing in family structure, God will begin to heal, restore and bring a stronger union amongst you. Past offenses will no longer have a hook in you. The things that have always caused you to respond emotionally will now roll off your shoulders, as you stand on God’s promises, trusting Him. God is healing families!

There will be a new way of thinking, an alignment with God’s ways. No longer will you relate to things based on experiences in the past. God is rewiring how you process things!

Lastly, there will be a boldness that comes out of you. When you follow His lead, it will break the fear of man off of you. The intimidating, mocking, harassing, accusing, bullying spirits that once tried to keep you down will lose their power over as you take each step of faith. There will be an increase of passion, of love, of life, of creativity within you as you set your gaze on the Lion of the Tribe of Judah….and out of you will come a ROAR that will intimidate the enemy of your soul!

This is not a year to hold back, but to move forward with God’s purpose for your life. Can you imagine if all of us stepped out in faith, ROARING for the Kingdom as God, releases light into the darkness of the world? We overcome because He overcame!

Revelation 10:3 And He gave a great shout like the roar of the lion. And when He shouted, the seven thunders answered.

We’d love to hear from you! Please comment below and let us know your thoughts and what areas you would like to grow in.  We are here to serve you and to help you become all who God created you to be!

With Love,

Mary Chalhoub

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