Day 1


Father God I thank you for your goodness, kindness and especially your love.  I ask that you reveal your love today to me in a greater way.  I don’t want to just know who about you in my head, but I want to have an experience with you. I come to you as a little child who is ready to embrace my father.

I forgive my natural father who was not perfect and may have even been absent. I know you have your best for me. Although sometimes I have made bad choices and I had do deal with the circumstances, you always have mercy on me when I come to you.  You give me opportunities that I could not achieve on my own when I depend on your Truth and your guidance.  I thank you for kindness.

I thank you that relationship is most important to you.  You are concerned with the condition of my heart, so I give you my heart and I ask you to heal it. I desire to be whole and love others in a healthy way, showing them your love.

Forgive me for the times I have been stubborn and wanting to do things my way.  I surrender to you and I want your best for me.  I have put on limitations for myself, but with you there are no limits.

Give me new eyes to see from your prospective.  I thank you that you speak to me in various ways including dreams & visions. Father, I ask for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation so that I may know you better.


© 2013 Mary Chalhoub & Kingdom Roar International, Inc.