Day 3

Relationships can be challenging at times. We struggle with relationships partly because we all come from some degree of brokenness.  The sharp, rough parts of ourselves can rub against each other, but God allows this so that we may smooth those rough parts out.  The key is to not get offended, but to go to God when we get hurt by other’s words or actions.  If we ask Him what we can learn from the situation, we will continue to heal and  grow.  We need to stop looking at what’s wrong with the other person and ask God, “How can I become better?”

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. (Proverbs 27:17)


The following are short prayers for relationships including family, spouse, children and friends:

Father you are all about relationships.  I thank you for the family you have given me. I ask that you bring unity between us all.  Forgive me if, in my brokenness, I have hurt any of my family members. Help me to also forgive any family members that have hurt me.  You  have created family to glorify your name.  Help us to forgive one another and unite us with your love.

Help me to honor, respect and love my spouse.  Teach me to communicate well and confront when I need to with love.  Help me to forgive easily and not to hold judgements against my spouse.  I realize that I cannot force my spouse to change, as only you can change them.  With your help, I can only change myself to become more like you Jesus.  Empower me to love like you love. Help us to grow closer together as we draw closer to you.  May our love be an example for our children.

Thank you for my precious children.  May they discover the joy of your presence through daily relationship with your Son, Jesus. I ask for wisdom to raise them up in your ways, and I ask for patience as they often test the limits. Help me to be a good example to them as children learn by what they see, not what is said.  Let our home be a safe place where they are rooted and grounded in your love.

I am grateful that I get to choose my friends.  I ask that you bring the friends in my life who lift me up and encourage me and distance me from the ones who bring me down.  Surround me with people who are like-minded and who have similar goals in life.  Let me be a blessing to the friends that you have placed in my life. May we empower each other to fulfill our destinies.

In Jesus’ name



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