Day 8

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all. (James 1:5)

A Prayer for Wisdom

Father I come to you today asking for wisdom just as your word says.  I need your wisdom in all the decisions I make.  You help me succeed in all that I do when I depend on your wisdom.  Thank you for generously giving me wisdom. I receive your counsel.

My vision and perspective is limited, but yours is not.  Forgive me for being stubborn or wanting to do things my way.  I have learned hard lessons when I have demanded what I wanted.  I will plan, but I trust that you will order my steps.  I will seek counsel from those I trust, but ultimately you have the final word. As I pray, your peace will lead, confirm, and guide me.

Help me to put you first and know the fear of the Lord because this is the beginning of wisdom. I choose to obey your word and direction rather than depend on my own strength and understanding. With you, all things are possible!  You may even ask me to do something that doesn’t make sense in my mind. Keep me from analyzing in my head and help me to listen to you with my heart.

I put my Trust in you, and I lean not on my own understanding. Your ways are higher than mine. In all my ways I acknowledge you and you will make my paths strait. I trust that you will open the doors of opportunity that I need to go through and close the doors that I need to leave.

Free me from making decisions based on other’s approval, or fear of other’s disapproval.  Help me not to second guess your guidance because Father knows best!

In Jesus’ name




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